The origins of the company

Julian Curry and Mary Chater moved to central Italy to have an adventure. They fell in love with the unspoilt beauty of Urbino and the surrounding countryside. In 2004 they bought a ruined farm house where the farmers had lived on the first floor and their animals down below. It was a two storey building which took 14 months to renovate. During that time they lived in an adjacent flat to be on site during the work.

Initially Julian was working in London and writing Shakespeare on Stage Vol 1 - a series of interviews with star actors on a specific role in a specific production. Mary was teaching English using Shakespeare and theatre in local schools. They were introduced to Sandro Pascucci who has managed and run theatres in the North and centre of Italy for many years. The Marche region has over 80 small and medium sized period theatres and this whet their collective appetites to try and form a company - Italy and it's essence was a fundamental part of Shakespeare's imaginative and creative genius - whether he ever visited the country remains a mystery. The three formed 'un associazione culturale - no profit' and were invited to run a summer school by Professor Giuseppe Giliberti, vice principal of Urbino University in 2014. This is how it began.