Summer School

Some photos from our summer school for young people in Racehill Community Orchard in East Brighton Aug 31 - Sept 3 2021 




"It is hard to imagine a more perfect pitch in terms of challenging vs. accessible. I would say it was exactly what I had hoped for, except that it was much, much more." John Bergez, USA



HOT OFF THE PRESS - On June 14th and 15th in the daytime, Philip Cumbus will lead warm up work on scenes from #RomeoandJuliet, #Macbeth and  #AMidsummerNight'sDream before his main course which will focus on #MuchAdoAboutNothing.

For glowing testimonials from our 2021 summer school at The Playground Theatre pls see under News.

At our summer schools in Italy pre Covid participants came from all over the world, ranging in age from 18 to 95. We workshopped the plays with experienced practitioners many of whom are long-time associates of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Globe.

Our summer schools are a great way of bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to work on the chosen plays in depth from an actor's pov, like a speeded up rehearsal process. Tutors have included actors -

#DameJanetSuzman, #MichaelPennington, #JohnNettles, #JaneWymark,  #CharlotteCornwell, #JosieLawrence, #PaulJesson

 and directors #BillAlexander, #LucyBailey, #ChristopherLuscombe and #EmmaLuciaHands.

Our first course was held in #Urbino in 2014 and again there in 2015.

In 2017 we were in #Padua and in 2018 in #PizzoCalabro in #Calabria.

The fifth summer school took place in #Florence at the #BritishInstitute, #LungarnoGuicciardini  from July 6 - 19, 2019.
We were thrilled to welcome acclaimed RSC, Globe and West End directors and actors #LucyBailey, #EmmaLuciaHands and #PaulJesson as tutors and a wonderfully diverse group of participants. They came from #Italy, #Holland, #France, #USA, #NewZealand, #Ireland, #UK and #Iraq. Scenes were worked on from #JuliusCaesar, #TheTwoGentlemenofVerona and #RomeoandJuliet.

Video of Florence summer school by Giacomo Tarsi

The focus of our courses is to look at the plays from an actor's point of view. We put scenes on their feet and create the world of the play.


"Thank YOU for running this program. Best vacation I’ve ever had." 
Emma Day, student, USA

"The course was above and beyond my expectations. Bill is the most outstanding teacher. Clear, knowledgeable, expert, living treasure. Having the group so intelligent and with so much life experience was an unexpected bonus. I loved the friendly, caring family atmosphere. It was a life changing two weeks for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Lyn Pierse, Actress,  Australia

"Bill's session at Cagli theatre had us presenting scenes from the play and that was very successful. It is such a special thing to work on a stage."
Reg Grouse, teacher aged 92, Australia.

"I cannot thank you enough for your vision, organization and clear passion. This has been one of the most rewarding educational experiences of my life and I return home with many ideas for infusing more passion into my own teaching of Shakespeare."
Rachel Barnes, teacher, USA

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