Rehearsing Shakespeare: Elizabethans

"we have to feel the rawness of life as Elizabethans did without the cotton wool of modern comfort"

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Understanding the Elizabethans, their fears and beliefs, is essential in the rehearsal room our Associate Director Bill Alexander argues here - the latest in his current series of blogs on Rehearsing Shakespeare. He writes that throughout Shakespeare's 20-year career the theatres were closed roughly every two years for some weeks or months because of the plague. Everyone in the audience was afraid of the plague, everyone knew the authorities closed theatres because the tightly packed gatherings there were known to be one of the principal ways in which it spread. The cold was colder, the dark darker, journeys that now take hours would take days or weeks. Medicine was random, unimaginably inadequate by our standards, death frequent and constantly anticipated at any age.They are on the front foot all the time the Elizabethans, and we should not dampen their passion with a wink. They were physical, they thought their feelings were in their blood not their brains.

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Time

"In the Globe, dramatic Time expanded and created a form of drama that put the whole world on the stage as best it could."

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Continuing his brilliant series of blogs on Rehearsing Shakespeare, our Associate Director explores the question of Time in the plays. #actors #acting #actorslife #performingarts #theatre #rehearsalroom #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Age

"capture the spontaneity of personalities less ironic and less understated than ourselves"

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Our Associate Director Bill Alexander discusses representation of age and how this affects understanding through performance of Shakespeare's characters today. #actors #acting #actorslife #performingarts #theatre #rehearsalroom #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Character and Narrative

"The art of rehearsal is to capture moments of potential change, when the direction of life hangs in the balance, when a character might behave or react in an unexpected way."

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Further to his previous blog on character and language, here our Associate Director Bill Alexander discusses character and Narrative. #actors #actorslife #performingarts #rehearsalprocess #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Character and Language

"It's never about what the actor can do to the verse, it's about what the verse can do to them."

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Continuing this fascinating series of blogs from our Associate Director Bill Alexander. Here Bill talks about the distinct nature of Shakespeare's language and how this relates to character. #actors #actorslife #performingarts #rehearsalprocess #rehearsalroom #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC