#Lockdown #TabooandYou #Workshops and #PlaywritingCompetition
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#Lockdown #TabooandYou #Workshops and #PlaywritingCompetition

#DameJanetSuzman: Shakespeare and Manias Workshop & #DrEmilyGarside : Creative writing workshop

Playwriting Competition ‘Lockdown, Taboo and You’

* £200 prize for winning short play – deadline 26 February, 2021

* Dame Janet Suzman joins us for Shakespeare and Manias workshop – 7pm, 8 February, 2021

* Playwriting creative workshop with Dr Emily Garside, MA RADA – 7pm, 1 February, 2021

* tickets by donation, pay what you can afford.

* In partnership with Props Mental Health

‘Lockdown, Taboo and You’ focuses on the theme of mental health and the stigma surrounding it. We would like to invite people to submit a short 15-minute play (comedy or drama) based on their own experiences of the pandemic. The winning short play will be chosen from four finalists, performed online in rehearsed readings by members of our company and invited actors on the 11 March. For more information or to submit your entry please contact

Janet Suzman, one of the most highly acclaimed and respected actors of her generation, will be running a workshop on Shakespeare and manias. She will lead a discussion on Jaques in As You Like It and Iago in Othello. Her central question will be – what were Shakespeare’s intentions so far as these characters were concerned? You may wish to draw contemporary links in your own work. Janet asks that you come prepared having read the two plays and be willing to read a piece of text. Numbers are restricted so book early.

Emily Garside, MA RADA, is a journalist, academic and playwright. She teaches at the University of Wolverhampton and the Bishopsgate Institute, as well as writing workshops for a range of organisations including the London Playwrights Blog. This play writing workshop is open to all, first timers or those who may be looking for a way to focus their work and a reminder of how to get started! It will include an overview of structure, dialogue and character as well as some time to answer practical questions, with the intention of giving you a creative spurt to ‘put pen to paper!’

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Laura-Duthie Coupar, of Props Mental Health, will be available to talk about support for professional creatives including Mental Health First Aid. Props MH is part of 6ft from

If you are interested in helping towards Lockdown, Taboo and You, and other projects then please contact us or go to our Just Giving page. leaving your name so that we can thank you personally.


Issues of mental health can take many forms from depression caused by loneliness, anxiety or grief to clinical depression and more severe mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Mania is a word today used to describe the high state that happens when you have the latter disorder. The mood can swing from day to day or over weeks or months from the lows of depression to the highs of mania, a stage when those experiencing this may feel ‘high’ and full of energy.

In Shakespeare’s day the feelings associated with feelings of emotion, such as passionate love, jealousy, or anger, were described as a temporary madness. Some characters exhibit what has become known as acute episodes of ‘mania’ so caught up are they in their melancholy, ambition, desire for revenge or rage.

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