Actor Philip Cumbus to lead two-day workshop on #MuchAdoAboutNothing at #ThePlaygroundTheatreLondon
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Actor Philip Cumbus to lead two-day workshop on #MuchAdoAboutNothing at #ThePlaygroundTheatreLondon

Watch Philip's welcoming #video and read the exciting #statement below on how he proposes to work with you, the #participants.

Philip is an outstanding actor / teacher and fast up and coming director who trained at RADA.

He has worked extensively at The Globe and theatres around the UK and in London. He teaches regularly at RADA and other drama schools.

He has performed in countless shows at The Globe on the South Bank. @The_Globe

His two day workshop will include work on -


and warm up scenes from #RomeoandJuliet #Macbeth #AMidsummerNight'sDream

#RADA #DramaStudioLondon 

Below is a statement of how he proposes to work with the participants during his two sessions -

Using techniques learnt from my time on the Globe stages; the large outdoor, and the candle lit indoor - both spaces of shared light, making the audience a close and ever-present character in the work, I will introduce the participants to the way in which I approach the text and characters of Shakespeare. Using fast paced, instinctive approaches to try and connect the actors to their true creative energies. Trusting the attack and flow of the text and making sure our hearts and bodies are being activated. Finding the joy and the creative freedom which Shakespeare affords us. I treat the verse and rhythm with great respect and will demonstrate how it can add richness and depth to the work. We shall, in our time together, gain ownership and confidence in the words and lives of the play.

#creativefreedom #verse #rhythm #theGlobestages #candlelitindoors #sharedlight #creativeenergies

To book clicj on the link below:

Sharing Shakespeare Workshops - a week-long summer school of theatre courses | Line-Up (


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