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Commedia class launches week of digital festival fringe activity

Sharing Shakespeare Digital Fringe Festival

Click on the link above for more information about the programme. 

Monday: Commedia, Shakespeare and Gestus

Tuesday: Live Letters, Read a Letter Project

Wednesday: Devised theatre - Iago's Confession

Thursday: Shakespeare's Kitchen

Friday: Afternoon Play Reading: Much Ado (Part One)

Saturday: Weekly  Sonnet Slam

Plus recordings every day on our socials at 7pm, and Variety Show at 8pm on Friday to finish the week. 

If you would like to support our programme we have a justGiving page

To help achieve our aim of enhancing experience of Shakespeare and drama for the benefit of all, we have launched out new JustGiving page. Please visit the page via the link below to find out how you can help.

The culture and politics of Italy had a profound effect on Shakespeare’s drama. We explore this combining an exciting mix of British realism, Italian intensity and commedia in our work. This is a unique approach, unlocking the plays for new audiences and cultures in the UK, Italy and beyond. 

Since lockdown began during the current crisis we are all facing, members of our UK-based charity have been thinking and planning how we can stay connected. We can’t physically be with you performing and doing workshops in the community, but we can still be imaginative and creative across the waves with the words and drama of our greatest ever playwright. Currently much of our work is taking place online through our Sharing Shakespeare digital platform. Our Sharing Shakespeare Digital Fringe Festival starts tomorrow with a programme of classes, activities, and screenings online through social media. We also have plans for our Sharing Shakespeare Knock Knock! Who's There? online project working with vulnerable sectors of our communities for which we are currently raising funds.

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