Decameron short play finalists announced

Six finalists from 60 entries

Tiffany Parker 0 1061

We are delighted to announce the finalists in our Decameron Short Play competition.

'Fairies' by Adam Szudrich. A haunting tale of Irish folklore.

'Legend of Lizzie' by Ollie Knox. A young man isolated with his girlfriend has to tell the best story he can - or else.

'When the Going Gets Tough' by Phil Sparkes. Two civil servants ruminate over restrictions in a period of lockdown.

'Professor Pennington's Wife' by Sarah McCormack. A student tricks her professor and ends up with the prize she had wanted from the start.

'The Cabinet of Secrets' by Harry Summers. Filostrato's tale - story 2 on day 7 - re-imagined with Boris and Dominic in a close encounter.

'Slow Dating' by Adam Szudrich. A tender tale demonstrating the perpetuating power of passion

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night – Music and character

"embracing this imagistic illogicality to illuminate the character and his dilemma"

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Shakespeare In Italy Associate Director Bill Alexander new series of blogs focusing on rehearsing particular plays continues with this third part of his spotlight on 'Twelfth Night': Finding Ilyria' - Music. It is a long blog – but we make no apology for that – Bill has a lot to say, and for anyone planning on rehearsing the great play, this is a MUST!

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - Embracing Elizabethans

'emotional details which have little to do with being Elizabethan and everything to do with being human'

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Shakespeare In Italy Associate Director Bill Alexander continues his new series of blogs which now focus on rehearsing particular plays. This is the second part of his spotlight on 'Twelfth Night': Finding Ilyria' - Embracing Elizabethans. In his next blog to follow, Bill will examine music in the play and its impact on approach to rehearsals for directors and actors.