Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night 3 - Enter Sir Toby

'there is no good comedy without tension and the possibility of sudden reversal'

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Shakespeare In Italy presents the third instalment in its Associate Director Bill Alexander's truly enlightening series of blogs on Rehearsing Shakespeare focusing on particular plays. In this  - Twelfth Night : Enter Sir Toby - he examines the nature of comedy and tragedy looking at the interaction between Toby, Maria and Andrew Aguecheek. 

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - Sea Captain

'Behind every line of Shakespeare there has to be an intention on the part of the speaker'

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Our Associate Director Bill Alexander continues his brilliant series of blogs on Rehearsing Shakespeare here focusing on particular plays and in this edition - Twelfth Night and the sea captain - the importance of the role in setting up the plot and actioning the text. 

Decameron short play finalists announced

Six finalists from 60 entries

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We are delighted to announce the finalists in our Decameron Short Play competition.

'Fairies' by Adam Szudrich. A haunting tale of Irish folklore.

'Legend of Lizzie' by Ollie Knox. A young man isolated with his girlfriend has to tell the best story he can - or else.

'When the Going Gets Tough' by Phil Sparkes. Two civil servants ruminate over restrictions in a period of lockdown.

'Professor Pennington's Wife' by Sarah McCormack. A student tricks her professor and ends up with the prize she had wanted from the start.

'The Cabinet of Secrets' by Harry Summers. Filostrato's tale - story 2 on day 7 - re-imagined with Boris and Dominic in a close encounter.

'Slow Dating' by Adam Szudrich. A tender tale demonstrating the perpetuating power of passion

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night – Music and character

"embracing this imagistic illogicality to illuminate the character and his dilemma"

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Shakespeare In Italy Associate Director Bill Alexander new series of blogs focusing on rehearsing particular plays continues with this third part of his spotlight on 'Twelfth Night': Finding Ilyria' - Music. It is a long blog – but we make no apology for that – Bill has a lot to say, and for anyone planning on rehearsing the great play, this is a MUST!