Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - Embracing Elizabethans

'emotional details which have little to do with being Elizabethan and everything to do with being human'

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Shakespeare In Italy Associate Director Bill Alexander continues his new series of blogs which now focus on rehearsing particular plays. This is the second part of his spotlight on 'Twelfth Night': Finding Ilyria' - Embracing Elizabethans. In his next blog to follow, Bill will examine music in the play and its impact on approach to rehearsals for directors and actors. 

New competition urges writers to fill up their quills

Join our online workshop on the 14th Century Decameron stories which inspired Shakespeare to find out more

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The stories about people in Italy entertaining one another during a period of quarantine from the Black Death inspired not only Shakespeare but young writer Rebekah King, who we have teamed up with to launch our competition for short dramas written in the style of the Decameron collection but in a modern setting.