Immeasurably positive feedback from women prisoners who took part in #AMidsummerNightsDream Mashup at HMP Styal on August 30th

Mary Chater 0 1833

I enjoyed doing something completely different from the usual activities which make up the prison day. It was mentally / emotionally beneficial to be completely absorbed in the project. I would really like the opportunity to participate in something like this again. I feel the huge gains in confidence and personal development will bring enormous benefits in all areas of my life.

I loved doing the drama group and I feel loads more confident in myself. When I signed up for the drama group, I expected to just do the scenery and help with costumes as I’m quite arty. A couple of people couldn’t come so I found myself landing a couple of parts. I loved getting into character and playing the parts that I didn’t expect to. This was something I had never imagined myself doing. I really thought I couldn’t do it so it was amazing to find that I could. As a direct result of this, I am being considered for ROTLs ( Release on Temporary Licence ) when I become eligible. I also have an opportunity to train and gain employment on release. This is totally unexpected and something that I would have never got without being part of this group. It has opened doors for me that would never previously have been opened and given me the potential for a totally different future. Thank you both!

I struggle with confidence and was scared of being unable to speak in public. Being part of the drama group has totally changed this. Charlotte and Mary were so nice, they made me feel part of the group and made me feel like I could actually act! Once I got in to playing my character, I really enjoyed it and felt confident to develop it and add my own input. I found some parts of the performance challenging but Mary and Charlotte helped me keep going. I’m so glad I did it and I felt really happy at the end of it. I feel so much more confident now and I would love Mary and Charlotte to come back in so we can do another show. Please.

Stella Kanu, Executive Director of #LIFT will be guest speaker at New Beginnings Art Awards with #Womenssupportcentre at #TheLightBox #Woking on Sept 10th

Mary Chater 0 1823