Rehearsing Shakespeare: Age

"capture the spontaneity of personalities less ironic and less understated than ourselves"

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Our Associate Director Bill Alexander discusses representation of age and how this affects understanding through performance of Shakespeare's characters today. #actors #acting #actorslife #performingarts #theatre #rehearsalroom #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Character and Narrative

"The art of rehearsal is to capture moments of potential change, when the direction of life hangs in the balance, when a character might behave or react in an unexpected way."

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Further to his previous blog on character and language, here our Associate Director Bill Alexander discusses character and Narrative. #actors #actorslife #performingarts #rehearsalprocess #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Character and Language

"It's never about what the actor can do to the verse, it's about what the verse can do to them."

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Continuing this fascinating series of blogs from our Associate Director Bill Alexander. Here Bill talks about the distinct nature of Shakespeare's language and how this relates to character. #actors #actorslife #performingarts #rehearsalprocess #rehearsalroom #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Sharing Shakespeare

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Sharing Shakespeare is our new online digital platform. Find out all you need to know here about our events. #actors #actorslife #performingarts #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

#RSCHonoraryAssociateArtist #director Bill Alexander explains below about his #blog started here on March 23rd - #ShareYourShakespeare @theRSC

Preliminary thoughts outlined in Bill's new blog will be expanded soon

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"Each one of these blogs is just a beginning, a simple and brief laying out of thoughts before a more detailed exploration of the issues at a later date. When this sequence is complete I will revisit each one and expand it to 3 or 4 times the length, illustrating key points from various productions of my own".

Bill Alexander