Snacking on Shakespeare - #testimonials from #over50's to combat #isolation & #loneliness with #GettingTogetherMatters

#Testimonials for SNACKING ON SHAKESPEARE with Getting Together Matters, part of #VolunteeringMatters UK charity no 291222

Mary Chater 0 762

In autumn 2019, Shakespeare in Italy UK based founders Julian Curry and Mary Chater started running Snacking on Shakespeare sessions as #volunteers in #Brighton as part of the #LivingWellFestival for the #over50's.

People sat in a circle, read scenes, discussed them and then stood them up in pairs and / or for the group.

This follows the pattern of our #InternationalSummerSchools began in 2014 in Italy.

After running some classes in sheltered housing accommodation in downtown Brighton in Jan / Feb 2020, the first lockdown began.

Online sessions with #GettingTogetherMatters, part of UK charity #VolunteeringMatters started in October 2020 and numbers are growing all the time.

#Lockdown #TabooandYou #Workshops and #PlaywritingCompetition

#DameJanetSuzman: Shakespeare and Manias Workshop & #DrEmilyGarside : Creative writing workshop

Tiffany Parker 0 2155

Playwriting Competition ‘Lockdown, Taboo and You’

* £200 prize for winning short play – deadline 26 February, 2021

* Dame Janet Suzman joins us for Shakespeare and Manias workshop – 7pm, 8 February, 2021

* Playwriting creative workshop with Dr Emily Garside, MA RADA – 7pm, 1 February, 2021

* tickets by donation, pay what you can afford.

For all info re: submission or anything else please contact -

Festive rendition of #TwastheNightbeforeChristmas with playreading group and #JohnNettles

#GettingTogetherMatters playreading group for #over50's from yesterday's online Christmas party for #VolunteeringMatters volunteers

Mary Chater 0 831

The #over50's playreading group started online in October and will continue from #January14th #2021.

Anybody is welcome to join who likes reading aloud, reading plays aloud and having fun together while we do it! You don't have to read, you're very welcome to come and #listen. 

Clement Clarke Moore (1799 - 1863) who wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas came from a prominent family and his father Benjamin Moore was the Bishop of New York who was famous for officiating at the inauguration of George Washington. 

#JohnNettles  led a module for our international summer school in #Padua in #2017 on #TheMerchantofVenice with #JaneWymark.

#Playreading #over50's #actingtogether #readingtogether #listening #havingfun


To join the sessions please email -  or call 07377 692 408

Behind the Scenes - #RehearsingShakespeare with Bill Alexander our Associate Director and #RSCHonoraryAssociateArtist

Bill works with French actress Lena Robin on #Portia from his new 6 character version called A Merchant of Venice

Mary Chater 0 1288

Join behind the scenes work on text and character with Bill Alexander ( 14 years Associate Director at #RSC, #BirminghamRep then freelance and now our #AssociateDirector ) and newcomer Lena Robin as #Portia.
Featuring film of rehearsal footage, accompanying notes and Q & A.
On November 19th and 26th 2020 at 7pm UK time.


Essential viewing for directors and actors alike, as well as anyone interested in performing or just getting to know the plays in more depth. Bill has adapted the play for a new six-character version A Merchant of Venice which our company is planning to stage in London next year. The fact that this rehearsal takes place online adds an extra dimension and chance for reflection on how theatre professionals can still work together in unprecedented times. 

Bill Alexander - "Good and truthful acting makes an audience glad to be alive, more sure of who they are and deeply grateful for the gift of live theatre. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men (Shakespeare's company) had to close their theatre and cease performing many times due to the plague. If that should happen permanently in our own time, then part of what it means to be human will be lost too.
"Acting is a unique and uniquely brave form of creativity in that it calls on a human being to give themselves completely and honestly to a room full of strangers while producing the alchemical transformation of becoming someone else. The director's job is to protect, guide, challenge and encourage the fullest possible realisation of this transformation, which is not easy but, if successful, brings into being a miraculous encounter unparalleled in any other type of art."

Mary Chater, co-founder of Shakespeare in Italy - “Not since the 1980s when John Barton’s legendary ‘Playing Shakespeare’ sessions enthralled television audiences, have contemporary viewers been offered such rare insight into how an experienced director builds trust with a company, enabling them to explore text and character.”


Women in Prison New Beginnings Art Awards September 2020 - exhibition runs until #Nov29th

#TheLightBox #WomensSupportCentreWoking present their #10th New Beginnings Art Awards

Mary Chater 0 1316
With the extra restrictions imposed on women in prison and outside due to the pandemic, many incredible works have been made for this 10th year of the awards. Please see the exhibits via the link below.

The Women's Support Centre aims to prevent women from coming into contact with the Criminal Justice System by promoting participation and achievement in the arts. This motivates, inspires, and helps women to develop the skills needed to lead a more positive life. This year's theme is 'Looking Through a Different Lens'.
Actress #ThandieNewton was the guest speaker at the online ceremony.