English Theatre Milan - a new English speaking theatre community in #Milan - una comunità di teatro anglofono a #Milano

ETM is a non profit association that aims to bring top quality #theatreinEnglish to #Milan

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English Theatre Milan is a non-profit association that aims to bring top quality theatre in English to Milan. In the minds of the founders, Maggie Rose, Sal Cabras and Julia Holden, ETM will make a significant contribution to the cultural revival the city has enjoyed since the 2015 Expo. It is hoped that many people who enjoy the shows, will decide to become ETM members, taking part in the other activities of the association, such as producing our own plays (we produced Maddison's farce Box and Cox in 2019), open rehearsals, meetings with authors, writing and performance workshops, run by practitioners of the visiting companies.

ETM seeks audience members of all ages and backgrounds, with a specific emphasis on young people all over Milan and its hinterland. Our association intends to create an English speaking theatre community, based on the active participation of its members.

English Theatre Milan è un'associazione culturale senza fini di lucro di recente creazione (luglio 2019), che ha la finalità di proporre in modo continuativo teatro di lingua inglese di alta qualità. Nel progetto dei fondatori, Maggie Rose, Sal Cabras and Julia Holden, ETM mira a dare un significativo contributo al rinnovamento culturale che la nostra città ha conosciuto in particolare a partire da Expo 2015. L'auspicio è che molti di coloro che assistono agli spettacoli si associno a ETM e prendano parte alle altre iniziative previste o già in corso: prove teatrali aperte, incontri con autori, workshop di scrittura e performativi tenuti dagli attori e registi delle compagnie ospiti.

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Design

"Shakespeare paints landscapes with language; he builds sets for you." 

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Fast on the heels of his previous blog, is the sixth in this current series by our Associate Director Bill Alexander. The blogs accompany our plans to stage Bill's six-actor adaptation 'A Merchant of Venice'. #theatredesign #actors #actorslife #performingarts  #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Blocking - #actors #actorslife #rehearsalroom #rehearsalprocess #performingarts #ShareYourShakespeare @RSC

"In a way the objects are to a certain extent providing the subtext that modern actors crave, but is frustratingly absent from the text!"

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Here we are - back with the fifth in the series of blogs by our Associate Director Bill Alexander, accompanying the six actor version of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ planned by Shakespeare in Italy. This is an adapted version of the play by Bill called ‘A Merchant of Venice’.