Rehearsing Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - Sea Captain

'Behind every line of Shakespeare there has to be an intention on the part of the speaker'

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Our Associate Director Bill Alexander continues his brilliant series of blogs on Rehearsing Shakespeare here focusing on particular plays and in this edition - Twelfth Night and the sea captain - the importance of the role in setting up the plot and actioning the text. 

Write a Shakespeare letter quest

Read a letter in our Sharing Shakespeare digital fringe festival

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Our digital fringe festival is linking up to the Letters Live #ReadALetter project. Contributors are being asked to write a letter from a Shakespeare character or a character inspired by one of his plays and then read it online with members of the company on Tuesday at 4pm. It is open to all and recordings of all the letters will be sent to the project. If the writer/contributor does not want to read the letter themselves then one of our members will read it for them.


Commedia class launches week of digital festival fringe activity

Sharing Shakespeare Digital Fringe Festival

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Week of great classes, activities, your video shorts to keep us all connected from Commedia, Live Letters to Shakespeare's Kitchen.

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