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It is true to say that without Italy there would be no Shakespeare. Our work is suffused with the appreciation that Italy influenced Shakespeare’s genius to create new means of expression about the human condition. The stories of ancient Rome came down to him through the works of Plutarch, Seneca and their contemporaries and adaptations from medieval Italian drama. His comedies and tragedies were inspired by and adapted from great Italian authors like Boccaccio, Ser Giovanni and Bandello.

A Merchant of Venice

Our first production ‘A Merchant of Venice’, opened at The Playground Theatre, Latimer Road, London W10  on November 10th 2021 - a six character version of the original text adapted and directed by our Associate Artist Bill Alexander.

Cast -

Portia / Baltazar - Lena Robin

Bassanio - Alexander Knox

Antonio, The Merchant - John McAndrew

Shylock - Peter Tate

Gratiano - Alex Wilson

Solania - Mary Chater




Production photos - © Guy Bell,