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Shakespeare in Italy is a charity dedicated to advancing the arts, specifically drama, for the benefit of all.

Our aim is to enliven the experience of Shakespeare’s Italian plays with an exciting mix of British realism and Italian intensity while acknowledging the influence of the Italian Renaissance on his work.

The new company will explore this through performances in the UK, Italy and beyond, as well as via a programme of education and outreach.

Two former Royal Shakespeare Company actors, Julian Curry and Mary Chater in association with the Italian theatre manager, Sandro Pascucci,  founded the company which is managed by a board of Trustees. Our patrons are Ralph Fiennes, Ian McKellen and Judi Dench.

Any project devoted to the works of Shakespeare has my enthusiastic support. Shakespeare in Italy has already established its credentials and a determination to explore and examine the plays from a fresh perspective. I wish the Company every possible luck for its future.

Ian McKellen

Shakespeare has always been my passion. Italy is a passion of mine too. This wonderful company has combined them both, and I wish them every success.

Judi Dench

Italy, or the idea of Italy, had a strong hold on Shakespeare's imagination and I have been privileged to perform in some of his Italian plays. I am pleased to be patron of this new company, Shakespeare in Italy, which aims to explore and further illuminate these magnificent works.

Ralph Fiennes
The Shakespeare in Italy leader proposed some scenes from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and ' The London Sketch.' This helped the students to work in an unusual and stimulating way, away from their normal curriculum, which doesn't usually include theatrical perfomances and encouraged them to approach language learning in a quite different manner.

Silvia Moscioni, G Celli technical school, Cagli (PU) Marche

Latest News

‘Daffodils, that come before the swallow dares, and take the winds of March with beauty’

We have a spring in our step and are feeling as mad as March hares with exciting activities to keep you buzzing, creative and connected

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  • Talking Shakespeare – We are excited that Dame Janet Suzman will be joining us once again on Monday evenings for a two-parter on March 22 and 29 
  • Cleo and the boys – Janet will be with us to mark Shakespeare’s birthday at 7pm on April 23 with her fascinating talk, an unconventional take on Antony and Cleopatra. 
  • Lockdown, Taboo and You – members of the company and invited actors will present a rehearsed reading of the four finalists in our play writing competition March 11th
  • Read-a-long and Tame the Shrew – Join members of the company on Tuesday evenings, beginning March 16, 23 and 30th

For booking information follow this link. There is also an option for one ticket to all seven events for £25. Otherwise each event is individually priced.  https://www.trybooking.com/uk/eventlist/shakespeareinitaly

Dame Janet on Petruchio's treatment of Kate

"he saw what was lurking underneath Kate’s prickly exterior and he dug it out with no hint of flaky post-Freudian tip-toeing through the tulips"

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We had a brilliant question arising from our recent online session with Dame Janet Suzman, part of our Lockdown Taboo and You series, on Shakespeare and Manias. We very much wanted to share the question with you and Janet's reply. Not least because we are planning to do a read and share series on The Taming of the Shrew. 

Q: What can you say about the mental manipulation that is used on Kate in The Taming of the Shrew?

A: Well, let’s remember this is a play and a comedy at that. And let’s also remember that Kate needs to be as young as possible so that she’s really a surly teenager and NOT a mature woman. I would call it physical manipulation that Petruchio embarks on to tame his recalcitrant young wife; starves her when she’s hungry, contradicts her when she’s bolshie, disappoints her retail therapy moment when she wants a pretty hat, and in the end makes her laugh by being so absurd as to call the moon the sun etc etc. (Read on for the full reply!)

Play writing competition Lockdown Taboo and You is now launched!

£200 prize for winning entry

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Our Playwriting Competition is now open! Please send your entries to collette@shakespeareinitaly.org.uk with a chance to win £200

- 15 minute short play, comedy or drama based on experience of the current pandemic

- can refer to Shakespearean or historic characters if you wish but in a contemporary setting and is by no means essential

- submission deadline February 26th

- four finalists will be chosen and feature in a ticketed online rehearsed reading by members of our company on March 11

thank you to our partners Props Mental Health and all our sponsors in helping us to keep you creative and connected

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